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Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management

aviation hospitality and travel management
Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management Course
Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management Certificate Course

catering to the skies

Certification course in Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management is a 6 monthly course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management that equips students with the management knowledge of Airports, Aviation and hospitality details. It helps students in understanding flight management. The course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management enables the students to understand Airport Management, Airport Security, Airport Planning, Passenger Forecasting, and Safety and Security. This aviation course is developed in a way.

It contains all those subjects that equip prospects with all the details and professionalism demanded by the aviation industry and train them for fieldwork.

The average fees of the course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management has a broad variation relying on the type of university admission into. There are a large number of institutes in India that propose this course. However, various colleges may have other eligibility measures, admission processes, free structure, etc. Admission to the Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management course is accepted through merit and entrance exams.

Roles and Responsibility

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management Course Details

Elegibility criteria

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management Eligibility criteria


Age: Minimum age requirement 16 Years

Eligibility: 10 + 2 examinations passed in any discipline from a recognized board or university or diploma, degree in any stream

Medical Fitness: Medically fit and doesn't have colour blindness or any other physical disabilities


There are a lot of personal, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills required for students to not only pursue this field of study but also to pursue this as a career. Some skills required by students to pursue Certification course in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management are

Excellent communication skills: To be a good hospitality professional, the candidate needs to have good communication skills. Having good communication skills facilitates engaging numerous customers every day, and they enjoy your services.

Giving importance to minute details: After becoming a hospitality professional, it is essential to prioritize every little detail. It is necessary to impress your guests with small gestures so that they are content with the service that you provide. It is essential to have skills that do not let you overlook details.

Good listener: Apart from speaking nicely, listening to other people and their grievances is also essential. It is necessary to deal with your customers patiently and have listening skills in a professional spectrum.

Seamless managerial skills: When you are involved in work professionally, it is essential to know how to multitask and manage things without chaos. Keeping tasks organized and being in sync with your schedule is necessary.

Problem-solving attitude: In the hospitality field, it is essential to have the skill of problem-solving and a positive outlook towards everything. It would help if you were speedy and thorough with decisions and plans. You must be a problem solver and decisive.

course & syllabus

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management course & syllabus

- 80 Hours

  1. Self Introduction & Activities
  2. Basic Sentence constructions
  3. Basic sentence construction – Exercises & Activities
  4. Articles (Usage) & Activities
  5. Written Exercises on Article & Activities
  6. Written Assignment
  7. Review Class + Activity (Remedial class after assignment)
  8. Verbs Usage & Activities
  9. Question Words-framing Questions
  10. Tenses – Present Tense
  11.   Past Tense (Introduce –Used to) & Activities
  12. Future Tense
  13. Written Assignment---------50 Marks
  14. Review Class (Remedial class after assignment)
  15.  Greetings/Farewells & Introductions
  16. Agreeing/Disagreeing & Making Appointments
  17. Modals----Making Requests
  18. Modals---- Asking Permission
  19. Prepositions
  20. Intermediate Prepositions
  21. Written Assignment on Modals & Prepositions
  22. Review Class (Approvals/disapprovals & asking to repeat)
  23. Invitations/Declines & Making Apologies
  24. Subject-Verb Agreement & Activities
  25. Adjective & Comparisons
  26. Adjectives (Comparisons & Superlatives)
  27. Mid-term Assessment--------------100Marks
  28. Adverbs (Usually/often sometimes etc) + Activities
  29. Giving Suggestions-Accepting & Rejecting
  30. Story Retelling
  31. Direct-Indirect
  32. Paragraph Writing
  33. Written Assignment
  34. Small Talk& Conversation Starters
  35. Review Session –I(Remedial Classes for the entire course)
  36. Review Session –II
  37. Review Session --III
  38. Review Session—IV
  39. Review Session – V
  40. Final Assessment…………………100 Marks 

-  80 hrs

  1. Communication
  2. Confidence
  3. Leadership
  4. Group Discussions
  5. Presentations
  6. Motivation

Interviewing Skills 

  1. Types of Interview- 
  2. Screening Interviews
    • Traditional one on one job interview
    • The Panel Interview
    • The group Interview
    • The sequential interview
    • Serial interview
    • Stress interviews
    • Behavioral Interviews
    • Formal/Informal interviews
    • Portfolio based interviews
  1. The Second Interview
  2. General Interview Preparation
  3. Mock Interview
  4. Examples of Case Interview Questions
  5. Case Interview Answers
  6. A List of Probable Extempore Topics
  7. Behavioral Interview
    • Behavioral Interview Questions
    • Interview Question About You
    • Interview Questions about Money
    • Interview Question about the New Job and the company
    • Interview Questions about the Future’
    • Salary Interview Questions
    • Discuss Non-Essential Skills
    • Mention Skills Yu Have Improved
    • Turn a Negative into a Positive
    • Best Answers
    • Salary Expectations 
    • You Be the Judge
    • Research Salary
    • Don’t Price Yourself Out of a Job
    • Interview  Question about Yourself
    • Questions about your Emotional Intelligence
    • Communication Interview Questions
  1. Salary Negotiation Tips

-  20 hrs

  1. Grooming and Personal Appearance
    • Good Grooming Practices 
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Hair and Hairstyles
    •  Make-Up and Cosmetics
    • Jewelry
    • Prescription Eyewear
  1.  Cabin Crew Healthy Living/Lifestyle 
    1. Cabin Crew Healthy Living/Lifestyle
    2. Healthy Crew Lifestyle
      • Nutrition and Exercise 
      • Proper Lifting Techniques 
    1. Adapting to Lifestyle Changes
      • The Lifestyle of Cabin Crew 
    1. The Pressures of Frontline Work
    1. Personal Health 
      • Health Risks Associated with Travel and Flying 
      • Other Recognized Effects From Flying 
    1. Security and Safety While Away From Base
      • In Transit and in the Hotel 
      • When Sightseeing or Leaving Your Room 
      • Emergency Situations to Prepare for When Traveling

-  200 hrs

  • Cabin Crew Services (100 Hrs):
  1. In-Flight:
    • Cabin Crew Profession
    • Crew Member Training
    • Passenger Handling
    • In-flight
    • Procedures & Emergencies
    • Duties after Landing
    • Flight Evaluation
    • Passengers with Special Needs
    • Food Service
    • Beverage Types
    • Alcoholic Beverages and
    • Cocktails
    • Health and Safety in Aviation
    • Work in Socially Diverse Environment
    • Quality Customer Service
  1. First Aid:
    • First Aid General
    • Shock and Fainting
    • Bleeding and Wounds
    • Fractures/Sprains, etc.
    • Burns
    • Choking
    • Respiratory Problems
  1. Emergency Evacuation:
    • Belly Landing
    • Crash Landing
    • Skip Slide / Ditching
  1. Emergency Situation Handling:
    • Bomb Scare
    • Depressurization
    • Hijacking
    • Turbulence
    • Cabin Fires  
  • Airport Ground Services  (100 Hrs)
    1. History of Aviation 
    2. Map Reading Skills  
    3. Aviation Terminology
    4. Aviation Abbreviation
    5. Aircraft Types
    6. What is Airport
    7. IATA & ICAO
    8. Theory of Flight
    9. Ground Operations
    10. Airport Safety & Security
    11. Airport & Airlines Operations
    12. Airport  Designation & Naming
    13. Air Traffic Control
    14. Airport Lighting
    15. Airport Ground Crew
    16. Baggage Handling
    17. Airport Departments
    18. Basic Cargo
    19. International Time Calculations
    20. World time zone table
    21. Travel Information Manual (TIM)
    22. Basic Ticket & Fare Construction
    23. Check in process at Airport
    24. Baggage Allowance & Charges
    25. Lost Baggage
    26. Passenger need special attention
    27. Official Airline Guide
    28. Load & Trim Sheet

-  100 hrs

  1. International Conventions, Agreement & Travel Organization
  2. Geography 
  3. Travel Guides
  4. Time Calculations
  5. Planning Itineraries by Air
  6. A. Travel Document & B. Miscellaneous Charges Order/Multi Purpose Document
  7. Airport
  8. Minimum Aircraft Ground Times
  9. Passenger Service and Principles of Handling
  10. Special Passenger Handling
  11. Passenger Baggage
  12. Baggage Tracing
  13. Fare Construction
  14. How to USE FARES from PAT
  15. Identifying Types of Journey and Application of Pricing Concept
  16. IATA Geography and Global Indicators
  17. International Sales Indicators
  18. Fare Type Selection
  19. Extra Mileage Allowance (EMA)
  20. Higher Intermediate Point (HIP)
  21. Construction of – Oneway Fares (OW)
  22. Return Trip (RT) and Circle Trip (CT)
    • Fare Construction
    • Students Mock Questions for Interviews

-  80 hours

    1. Introduction to Hospitality
    2. Classification of Hotels
    3. Hotel Organization and Hierarchy
    4. Attributes for the Hospitality Industry
    5. The Guest Cycle
    6. Hotel Terminology
    7. Reservation
    8. Guest Arrivals
    9. Post Arrival Guest Services
    10. Guest Departures
    11. Role Plays for Guest Cycle and Situation Handling
    12. Emergency Situations in Hotels
    1. Hotel Housekeeping
    2. Sub-sections of the Housekeeping Department
    3. Organizational Hierarchy of Housekeeping
    4. Flower Arrangement
    5. Housekeeping Cleaning Processes
    6. Hotel Guest Room Supplies and Amenities
    1. Role of Food and Beverage Department
    2. Food and Beverage Outlets
    3. Organizational Hierarchy
    4. Types of Food Services
    5. Menu Knowledge
    6. French Classic Menu
    7. Breakfast
    8. Salads
    9. Sandwiches
    10. Stocks
    11. Sauces
    12. Method of Cooking
    13. Cheese
    14. Popular International Cuisines
    15. Restaurant mise-en-place and Table Layouts
    16. Basic Technical Skills
    17. Restaurant Service
    18. Beverages
    19. Banquets
    20. Room Services
    21. Outdoor Catering
    22. Flight Kitchen Operations
    23. Cruise Liner Operations
    24. Topics for Hospitality Research
    25. Interview Skills- Hospitality

Career Option (in India and abroad)

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management career option

Aviation is one of the most exciting fields of education alongside hospitality and travel management. There are a lot of career opportunities for students after pursuing the course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management. This industry has some of the most well-paid jobs and ensures a quality lifestyle. There are an excellent range of aviation, hospitality, and travel management job profiles. Some of the career prospects for students after this course is:

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management placement
  • This field of study brings a wide range of career opportunities for students. Many top-class companies recruit students from this course. 
  • This course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management provides you with a chance to be selected as either a cabin crew or as ground staff by renowned airline agencies. 
  • Students can also secure a job in top Hotel Groups in India and outside India. 
  • Candidates acquire the required sense of professionalism and understand the basics of airports, airlines and hotel management.

Leaving the ground, Flying in the air, travelling places is something that mesmerizes us all, metaphorically and literally. Aviation is one of the most exciting fields of education alongside hospitality and travel management. Once entering this field, there is excellent scope in advancing one's career.

placement opportunities

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management Fees and admission process

Travel management and its perks, and the person come across as vivid travellers and travel themselves as well. Besides, aspirants from various fields can become part of this industry with the proper education. Travel management draws several travel enthusiasts and equips them with an exciting job leading to a fulfilling career.

After completing the course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management, many hotel companies and restaurant chains offer a handsome package to a deserving student. Some of them include:

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)

Wyndham Hotels Group (WHG)

Marriott International

Hilton Hotels Corporation

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management
Fees and admission process

Aviation hospitality and travel management certificate course

WIIA believes that an industry-ready student makes for a beautiful professional. We can safely declare to have cracked the code of success of our previous students in the Aviation and MRO sectors to our industry-ready infrastructure and 'Practical Training' facility.

  • Aviation hospitality and travel management duration


    6 month

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